Easter Candle Box.

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Easter candle box.

Welcome a touch of spring’s softness into your home with our Easter Candle Box. Each carefully curated carton nestles a trio of delicately scented, egg-shaped candles, cradled in a bed of pastel feathers and verdant leaves for an added burst of springtime. Available in tender hues of pink, lavender, and sky blue, these candles are not only a feast for the eyes but a treat for the senses, infused with a subtle blend designed to evoke the comforting and familiar scents of the season.

Ideal for gifting or gracing your space, this Easter Candle Box captures the essence of Easter’s promise - new beginnings and the joy of life. Illuminate your Easter celebrations with the gentle flicker of these handcrafted candles, or present them as a thoughtful gesture to a loved one, sure to brighten their day and their home.

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