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Candles for a cosy home atmosphere.
Fragrance that set the mood.

Magic Owl Candles

 Cosy home

Decorating your home is one of the most exciting things to do!
Cosy up your home with candles. Use scented candles to make a cosy and unique home.
Scented candles are ideal for creating an adorable atmosphere in your home.
Create a cosy and  charming atmosphere in your home with our scented candles. 

Discover our scented candles.

Gift idea

You need to send someone a gift, but you have no idea what they like. Nor their tastes or their personal preferences.

We have a great idea!

Candle as a gift
may be the stress-free solution you need!
A unique handmade  candle can be a thoughtful and timeless gift for everyone.
Giving candles as a gift means offering a classic and multipurpose gift, that can be used as a home décor, or a home fragrance.

Well-being candles

That’s a stress relieving trend.
Our well-being is one of our top priorities.
After a super hectic dayor week all you want to do is relax.
Lighting us some candles, especially wellness candles, would be a good addition to your yoga practice or a relaxing bath.

Try our wellness and yoga candles

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